About me

With my camera by the azelea bush.West Hartford, CT

With my camera by the azelea bush. 

West Hartford, CT 

I felt so proud wearing my first camera around my neck - a Zeiss Ikon given to me by my Dad. It was so cool opening the bellows, turning the dials, and clicking the shutter. And once in a while I actually got some film to put in it. 

After graduating college I worked for two years as a personnel officer for the Connecticut Department of Corrections. I learned how to organize files, how not to assume, how to make Cup-a-Soup at my desk, and realized I couldn't keep doing it until retirement. I gave two weeks notice and quit to become a photographer. 

Since then I have met many people , seen many places, gotten married, had three kids, and had some wonderful experiences with a camera around my neck.